Add drama, personality, and the perfect finishing touch to your cabinets with molding. By combining crown, light rails, and baseboard moldings, you can create a unique, custom design to your space.

In the end, it’s the small decorative touches that make the biggest difference for a space with a designer look.

Upper Cabinets with Crown Molding


Crown molding is the perfect finish for quality wall cabinets. Use this molding to extend cabinets to the ceiling or to create a decorative finish.

The graceful five-step profile of our traditional crown molding offers a time-honored look with a contemporary feel. Dimensions: 3-1/2″ high x 2-3/4″ deep.

The simple architectural concave profile of our cove crown molding provides an elegant finish to any cabinet style. Dimensions: 3″ high x 2-1/2″ deep

The lightly decorative profile of our ceiling crown molding incorporates steps and curves. Dimensions: 2-3/4″ high x 2-1/2″ deep

The perfect complement for Shaker, Mission and Arts and Crafts styles, angle crown molding also works well with contemporary designs. Dimensions: 2″ high x 2″ deep

This subtle low profile molding is perfect under a soffit or where vertical space is limited. Dimensions: 1-1/4″ high x 1-1/4″ deep

Light Rail

Light Rail Molding was designed to conceal under-cabinet lighting. It can also be used to add a decorative finish to the bottom of wall cabinets.

A graceful and traditional molding offers a time-honored look with a contemporary feel.

Neatly finishing a simple Shaker cabinet design, this lightrail is 3/4″ high.

A straight, simple, and economical light rail solution. 1″ high.
Outside Corner

Typically used with a finished panel to create a custom counter top, this molding is also a neat and simple light rail trim. 3/4″ high.
Counter Top

When applied vertically to the cabinet frame, this angular and stepped window trim becomes a perfect compliment to your cabinets. 2-1/4″ high.
Window Casing


Baseboard molding is most commonly placed where cabinets meet the floor, but it can also be used for chair rails, light rails, valances, and upper cabinet molding applications.

Ogee Pilaster
Base with Inside Quarter
Ogee Base with Scribe
UF6 Inside Quarter
UF6 with Scribe